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Serious Midwas Tournament written by En_Dotter, 2012-05-19 14:19 CEST (0 comments)

Fellow HoN players!

Former Clan Internet Serious Business will be hosting a one day tournament - the Serious Business Cup.

Tournament will be sponsored by S2Games, providing 9000 gold coins for prize pool.

Prizes will be as following:

1st place - 4000 coins (800 per player)
2nd place - 3000 coins (600 per player)
3rd place - 2000 coins (400 per player)

Tournament will be hosted on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012.
First round will start at 19CET, then each consecutive round will follow an hour after previous one started.

Regular tournament rounds will be played in bo1, final match and 3rd place match will be played in bo3.

How to register?
Visit page http://seriousmidwars.tourney.cc [seriousmidwars.tourney.cc]
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When in doubt feel free to pm klejf or En_Dotter on HoN forums or ingame.

Check in: 18-19CET
Brackets published : 19CET
http://seriousmidwars.tourney.cc [seriousmidwars.tourney.cc] for more information

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